Meet Justin & Chaunna Brooke

Find out how we haven't had a job in decades, made $4.8 million online, built our credit score to 800+, and did it all while traveling the world with our kids.

What We Do...

We wanted to teach our kids how we built our dream life, so we built this website...

We literally started with just $60, so you have no excuse.

If you're not scared to roll up your sleeves, then we've got a proven plan anyone can follow. This is the same plan we followed and today we both have credit scores in the 800's, a 6 figure credit line, and our little internet business has made over $5,000,000 (tax statements to prove it).

With Justin & Chaunna's Help We Made $21,000 in 30 Days!

Rebekah & Josh Edwards

Clara, Marketing Agency

Proof that you CAN do this WITH your family...

After our 9 month trip around the world in 2015, we (all 4 of us) headed back to Florida, where our parents & siblings live, and realized that we definitely wanted to continue traveling.

In March 2018, we picked up our 5th wheel RV and hit the road again. This time we covered the remaining states we missed the first time through. We travelled the US full time for 2 more years until we parked our RV on a little homestead in the mountains of east Tennessee.

We've since sold the $5mil business we built while traveling. Now we receive what we call "mail box money" from that sale. While we are no longer in the day to day "work" of the business, we receive a profit share each quarter for the labor of love we put into building that business.

We continue to mentor the new owner, while spending time helping local entrepreneurs in our community. If we can do all this starting out with just $60, then surely you can too.

When Will NOW, Be The Right Time?

We believe it is our calling and duty from God, to come along side you and your family, and help you live a life unrestricted by finances so that your families can flourish.

Inside you'll learn...

  • FUNDAMENTALS: Any business you plan to start needs two thing: a website and leads. We're going to make sure you know how to build a website and an email list, that way you have the proper foundation to build and grow any business model. After building over two dozen websites, we can show you the fastest, easiest, cheapest methods possible.
  • FINANCES: If you have bad credit, drowning in debt, and no budgeting skills, then no amount of money made from a business is going to help you. Which is why we place a high priority on getting your finances in order, because filling a leaky bucket is impossible.
  • FRAMEWORKS: Everything we build runs on proven frameworks that we know work every time. It took us over a decade to find and formulate these frameworks, but now that we have them business is less about luck, more about building with a blueprint. We're going to show you these blueprints so you can build your business step-by-step without the fear, anxiety, or uncertainty.
“I was able to produce over $1 Million within 11 months with my courses and coaching, but when I’m stuck or just thinking about my next big move, Justin Brooke is one of the guys I call.”

Travis Ventrella

Kingdom Business Coach